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Presentations are most appropriate for grades 4 to adult.  Gail will work with a school to offer a program that best fits its students and curriculum.

Please contact her by email for more on fees and dates.

Examples of topics include:

  • Researching Nonfiction - Using primary and secondary sources. Finding authoritative online information. Locating archival documents. Searching for photographs and illustrations. Fact-checking. Taking notes. Avoiding plagiarism.

  • Writing Technique - Eye-catching titles, engaging beginnings, page-turning middles, satisfying endings, essential revisions.

  • The Path to Publication - Developing an idea into an article or book. Focusing the topic. Outlining, writing, and rewriting. Working with an editor. Checking page proofs.

  • The Poison Eaters
    Contamination of food and drugs in the past
    Beginnings of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    How science made food and drugs safer

  • The War of the Worlds Broadcast, Early Radio, and Hoaxes
    How to avoid being fooled
    What we can learn from the history of hoaxes

  • Bubonic Plague
    History of Plague
    Plague in the United States--today and in the early 20th century
    Biology of Plague - how it spreads, how it affects the body, how it's controlled

  • Typhoid Fever
    Typhoid Mary and why her case still matters
    How disease detectives end outbreaks
    When having dirty hands could kill you

  • Pellagra and Epidemiology
    How scientists stopped the pellagra epidemic
    What you don’t eat can make you sick
    How changes in the South post-Civil War led to the pellagra outbreak

  • Harry Kellar and Magic
    Kellar’s life and career from a small-town childhood
    to international star
    The secrets behind magic
    Entertainment from post-Civil War to
    early 20th century

  • Civil War Spy Balloons
    Thaddeus Lowe
    Abraham Lincoln’s Spies
    Civil War

  • Robert H. Jackson
    How he rose from farm boy to Supreme Court
    Researching his life
    New Deal & FDR
    World War II
    Nuremberg Trial and International Law
    Court Decisions
    freedom of speech & religion
    Japanese internment
    school segregation
    presidential powers